Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Birthday!

IT'S SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY!! Well it was two days ago, and in this family birthdays are week long celebrations. As you can see, this woman clearly loves her it was natural that her birthday dessert would come in that form!
Someone else had a birthday this week too. The Oreo Cookie! I know I'm not alone in saying that there have been many late night runs to the convenience store where I praise the Vegan powers at be that Oreos are, in fact, animal-product FREE! So to celebrate the birthdays of this awesome vegan woman and this awesome vegan cookie, we made Oreo Cookies n Creme Cupcakes!
These are Isa's basic chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting (you can find the recipe for the cake portion here). We added a cup of crushed up Oreos to the actual batter and about a half a cup of Oreo crumbs to the frosting. They were the perfect birthday treat!
We also whipped up a batch for the Baristas at KT's store. We think they liked them :).
Peace, Love, and (Soy)milk's favorite cookie,
Pam and KT

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