Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome to the Veg-Bergers!!

Hello world! We are the Veg-Bergers, a mom and daughter duo obsessed with all things VEGAN!

Now before you get your panties in a twist, understand that we KNOW that Bergers is "misspelled" (or is it? Maybe burger is really the WRONG way to spell that beautiful word!), so please don't get crazy.

Before we start bringing you all the gems that have come out of our kitchen, we'd like to introduce ourselves!

Hi! My name is KT, and I am a senior Musical Theatre major, graduating in one semester (excuse me while I hyperventilate about the real world), and ready for my next big adventure. While I plan to make a living being an actress, I am also a proud Vegan who is passionate about the lifestyle and all the good it can bring to my body, the community, and all the animals that I love so very very much. My food obsessions include (but are not limited to): APPLES, nut butters, hummus, macaroni and cheese (vegan of course), and Pizza. If I found myself crashing on an island, and the only Dharma Initiative food available to me was apples and pizza, I think I would be set. I'll be doing most of the commentary on the blog, so get ready for my ridiculous antics!

Hi! I'm Pam, the proud mother of KT and 2 other amazing adult children, and I'm committed to eating and serving the healthiest food possible. I've been in the real world for a while now, as 1st a nurse and 2nd a spiritual counselor, and I recognize that a very large percentage of our population has been led astray as to what constitutes as healthy living. I am vegan because it is healthy for me, healthy for the environment, and most importantly healthy for ALL my fellow beings. Plus, I feel so darned happy when I'm preparing and eating vegan fare. And who doesn't want to be happy?

The thing we love doing as a team is creating. Our specialties include: Cupcakes, Pizza, Paninis, and recipes including STRANGE combinations (think peanut butter and pickles, people!!). We hope that you enjoy some of the creations that come out of our frazzled brains, because we enjoy sharing them with the world!

Much Love!

Pam and KT


  1. Can't wait to get some good recipes!

  2. I'm obviously already obsessed with this blog.