Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summertime Sammies!

We love strange combinations ("I'll have the peanut butter and pickle sandwich, please!"), and what better way to combine unusual ingredients than in a super summer sammie! These sandwiches are inspired by the summertime bounty, using seasonal produce such as strawberries, cucumbers, lettuces, and beets. The first one is for the sweet toothed populace, and the second has a more savory flare. Both are perfect for these hot summer days!

Strawberry and Cucumber Sandwich

Adapted from this recipe .

Changes we made:

-Instead of watercress, we used fresh red leaf lettuce from our CSA box.

-To make this a super vegan delight, we used Follow your Heart Vegan Cream Cheese

Next up, we made these delicious paninis to celebrate the Summer Solstice. They sound a bit strange, but trust us...they are DELICIOUS! They are adapted from the July/August issue of the Vegetarian Times magazine.

Summer Solstice Sammie

Hearty, Seedy bread (We used Dakota from our local Great Harvest)

Olive spread
Hummus (Mixed with a bit of lemon juice and freshly chopped Tarragon)

1 medium red beet, sliced thin

1 apple, sliced thin

Alfalfa sprouts

The recipe was not initially vegan, and called for mixing chickpeas with mayonnaise in a food processor. Using hummus made it easier and entirely vegan!! Not to mention, hummus is one of our major food groups. The red beets came from our CSA box and were delicious, but very messy! When handling them, be careful...unless you want red stains everywhere.

Peace, Love, and Seasonal Eating!

Pam and KT

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