Monday, February 13, 2012

Vegan Nom-Nom-Nomelets!

If you asked us who our heroes are, you would get 2 different answers. Pam's answer would definitely be the one and only Isa Chandra Moskowitz. A vegan celebrity, to say the least, Isa's recipes NEVER disappoint in the Veg-Berger household.
Pam owns almost all of her cookbooks as well as an authentic PPK apron. Isa's autograph is framed and on display in our kitchen. We make her cheesecake brownies weekly (you think I'm kidding. I'm not). So this weekend when we were craving some delicious brunch food, we instantly reached for "Vegan Brunch."
We finally decided on something we had never made... Tofu Omelets! We love a challenge, and we must say that Isa hit it out of the park once again. We stuffed the savory yellow pockets of tofu love with Cheddar Daiya, mushrooms, and spinach. Of course, you can choose whatever filling you want! Making this recipe reaffirmed our love for Isa (not like it needed affirmation in the first place), and was a great tribute to Pam's hero!
BUT WAIT! KT never said who her hero was! Well...that's an easy one. It's her mom.
Peace, Love, Nom-nom-noms,
Pam and KT

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  1. I will have to try this! I am so happy that I'm not alone in my love of Isa's good eats (also having all cookbooks, apron, and adored autograph)! That looks gorgeous, I bet it was super yummy!