Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Four March Sisters....FOREVER!

This fall, in her last semester at college, KT portrayed her favorite March sister (Beth March, that is!!) in "Little Women" the musical. Since the book has been one of Pam's favorite stories since she was a girl, she decided to bake a special tribute to each sister! IN CUPCAKE FORM!

And so we present: The Four March Cupcakes!

Meg March: Chocolate raspberry cake with a raspberry buttercream frosting. Elegant and sophisticated.

Jo March: Apple cider cake with a cinnamon spiced frosting. Bold and strong.

Beth March: Gingerbread cake with a lemon frosting. Comforting and warm.

(These were by far the best of the four...I'm not biased or anything though...)

Amy March: Pistachio rosewater cake with fluffy buttercream frosting. Pretty and pink.

"Sometimes when you dream, your dreams come true. In extraordinary ways, suddenly a day can seem so amazing..."

Peace, Love, and Snoods,

Pam and KT

(Marmee and Beth)