Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nifty Pizza #6 - Colorado!

Colorado literally means "red colored", so it's only natural that this tribute to the Centennial State is topped with red taco sauce, tomatoes, and spicy soy-rizo. The other colored ingredients weren't left out of the fun though! They were still red-hot with spice and flavor: black beans, corn, jalapeno peppers, and of course Daiya Cheese (pepperjack this time!).

Nifty Pizza #6 - Colorado!!

Garnished with cilantro, to cool down the spice! Thiz pizza is hearty and packed with protein -- the perfect thing to eat before hiking through the Rockies.
Not feeling the Southwestern flair? Check out some of our other Nifty pizzas - Alabama is good if you're craving comforting down-home flavors. California is cool and fresh, topped with creamy avacados. This red-colored pie is battling with Arizona for top billing when it comes to our spicy creations. KT can't decide which of the two is her favorite!! There's only one way to solve this problem...make them both again!
Peace, love, and red all over,
Pam and KT

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