Monday, January 9, 2012

Bearing donuts, we travel afar...

The Christmas season is officially over. Red cups are no more at Starbucks (well, we still have holiday short cups, but who orders shorts anyway?). The decorations are coming down. It's a new year and everyone is ready to get healthy.

But before we take down the garland, we must remember that yesterday was Epiphany, the feast celebrating the three kings bringing gifts to the baby Jesus. Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Three awesome presents, don't get me wrong...but after giving it some thought we decided that if we had been wise-women of yore, we would have brought the Baby (capital B) something a bit more delicious. Like...DONUTS, maybe?'s early January meaning everyone is eating small servings of steamed broccoli with brown rice and going to as many fitness classes as they can squeeze in. But for one more holiday hoorah, we made Epiphany donuts! We adapted Mama Pea's recipe for Chocolate Glazed Donuts and gave them Christmassy decorations. Luckily, these donuts are perfect all year round...and believe me, we WILL be making more.Thankfully, neither of us resolved to stop eating sweets in 2012. And we TRULY hope you didn't either.
Peace, Love, and Happy New Year!
Pam and KT

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