Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nuts for Olive-Nut Spread!

We've gone nutty. The latest obsession in the VegBergers house seems to be vegan cream cheese. Ever since our trip to New York, where bagel shops have as many as THREE deliciously creamy versions of the good stuff, we haven't been able to get enough. It's all we think about! KT has started bringing her own personal container to work with her. We're even adding it to desserts (cheesecake brownies, anyone??), and we've decided that the good folks at Follow Your Heart have started slipping something addictive into their products. And so, we bring you our latest creation:
This creamy spread is inspired by a similar, yet non-vegan, version from one of our favorite local coffee shops: Third Street Stuff.

Olive-Nut Spread
1 8 oz. container of Vegan Cream Cheese (or crack, as we like to call it)
1/3 cup toasted and coarsely chopped Walnuts
1/3 cup pitted and sliced Olives (We recommend a combination of green and black from the olive bar, which are much better than canned olives)
1/2 tsp. dried Italian Seasoning

Combine ingredients and refrigerate for 4 or more hours so the flavors can marry. Spread the goodness on your favorite bagel, bread, or crackers. Make a sandwich! Eat it with a spoon! The possibilities are endless.
Peace, Love, and Crack...I mean Cream Cheese!
Pam and KT

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